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Thurs. June 13th 730pm EDT Live Stream LXXXIII The Way It Makes You Feel

Live Stream

On Thursday, June 13th at 7:30pm Eastern, I'll present you next live stream, titled after my latest song, "The Way It Makes You Feel." Join Zoom Meeting Live on FB: Meeting ID: 854 8833 1662 Passcode: Greenway Find your local number: I was able to enlist my guru friend of many years, Neale…

Live Stream LXXXII: WHY? Thurs. May 23 7:30pm

Live Stream

That is the question, isn't it. I'll start narrow and then crank up the telescope on Thursday evening at 7:30pm. Watch on Zoom at Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 815 4138 3012, Passcode: Greenway. It will also be Live on Facebook. There will, of course, be the Frozen Banana hang after the show for…

Live Stream LXXX: The Song of Myself Thurs. April 25 7:30pm EDT

Live Stream

Walt Whitman wrote these words in 1855 proclaiming his exuberance at a burgeoning young country. It's almost like the poem tries to list each and every thing, but the conclusion is profound. We are not self-contained, "all things tend inward to me." The whole crazy world is a part of who we are. Sometimes, people…