The Journey of a lifetime Greg Greenway: Biography

From a Zenith stereo in the upstairs bedroom of a small house in Richmond, VA, to Carnegie Hall, music has been my vehicle to see the world and meet so many of the amazing people in it. I have shaken the hands of my original heroes, sung with them, experienced them as people - all beyond my wildest dreams. They brought me truths about the world not present in what I was handed. This began a lifelong promise to do the same for whoever would listen. These are the things that pass through me... to you.


“Greg Greenway is one of those artists who is so rich a talent that it is difficult to categorize him. He traverses, combines and mixes up musical genres, and manages to open a window on global events that bring us together as citizens of the world. Like other great performers before him, Greenway’s message is that we can all play a part and make a difference in the course of both our private and public lives. But few musicians can do just this with such style, passion and sheer musicality.”

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Biography: Overview

Born in the shadows of the now famous fallen statues of Richmond, VA, Greg Greenway moved to Boston for its rich Folk Music tradition. He has since become one of its most unique and superlative emissaries. Musically raised on the magically percussive right hand of Richie Havens, and the flowing lyricism of Eric Andersen, these seminal influences became the DNA of his own unique and continuing growth. He has blended them into a multi-instrumental, genre crossing style - the never-ending process of a musical omnivore.

He has played at such notable places as Carnegie Hall, he's been heard on NPR's All Things Considered and Mountain Stage. He considers the height of his achievements as having "Driving in Massachusetts" played on Car Talk.

His eight year collaboration with Pat Wictor and Joe Jencks as Brother Sun, reached thousands of fans with their intricate three part harmonies being heard in festivals and concert halls across the US and Canada. They produced two #1 CDs for the years of 2013 and 2016 on the Folk DJ list. His newest project with his beloved friend of 35 years, Reggie Harris, is a musical presentation on Race in America called Deeper Than The Skin. It is the bringing together of both of their stories, born three days apart, DNA passing through the same portal of Richmond, VA. One African-American, one White, together they convey a quintessential American story.

In the process, Greg's music has touched people all over the world. "What Must Be Done" and “In the Name of Love,” (a lead in to the U2 classic, “Pride,”) have been sung by choirs internationally. They have become defining pieces on his journey to becoming a consummate artist capable of addressing sensitive topics like Race in a way that connects audiences to their humanity while entertaining them at the same time.

In concert, Greg has been described as “one of the strongest, and finest voices in folk music.” The Boston Globe wrote, “Confessional one moment, rambunctiously disarming the next, few modern folk singers can own a coffeehouse stage as completely as Greenway.”  Another reviewer perhaps described it best, “A profoundly rich poet and musician. Folk Music is too narrow a description.”

Musically, his guitar, piano, ukulele, and melodica reflect inspiration from all over the map–gospel, rock, blues, Jazz, and world music. But his center is in the singer/songwriter tradition that traces it roots all the way back to the social awareness of Woody Guthrie.  His central appeal is that it all comes through the singular lens of Greenway’s own humanity and affinity for the audience.  He has legendary energy, the wellspring of a presentation of high spirited give and take of such good humor that audiences unfailingly walk away uplifted.

Live Performances

If you think about it, every song seems to have its own universe. That’s why I’m always fascinated to share my music. I’ve been invited to perform by different shows, groups, and media companies and can hardly wait to play in more:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • Car Talk Radio Show
  • CNN
  • Mountain Stage
  • NPR’s All Things Considered

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