Between hello and goodbye


01-Hello Hello Hello

02-Big Wide World

03-Thats Where The Hope Comes From

04-Dont Promise Me

05-Saving The Best For Last

06-Another Day

07-Love Has Brought Me Here

08-Build A Bridge

09-If You Paint Me

10-Get Out of the Left Lane

11-I'll Call That Love

12-Past Tense

All songs (zip file of all songs) – Between Hello and Goodbye

CD Between Hello and Goodbye

Song List:

Hello Hello Hello
Big Wide World
That's Where the Hope Comes From
Build A Bridge
Don’t Promise Me
Another Day
Saving the Best For Last
If You Paint Me
Love Has Brought Me Here
Get Out of the Left Lane
I'll Call That Love

Past Tense available for download only

Being recorded at MorningStar Studios in Philadelphia, PA with additional vocals by Reggie Harris and Pat Wictor, drums by Matt Scarano, bass by Chico Huff, and harmonica by Boaz. There will be additional musicians in the near future. The fabulous Dave Schonauer is engineering.


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