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New CD "Between Hello & Goodbye" #1 CD & #1 Artist for April '23

The International Folk Alliance's Folk DJs named Between Hello & Goodbye the #1 CD for April of 2023.  I was also the #1 artist with songs at #2, #5, & #7 in the top 100. I am so proud of this music and so grateful for the acknowledgement it has received.

"A Musician's Musician"

                              Marilyn Rae Beyers of WFMT's Midnight Special, Chicago, IL

I have played Carnegie Hall and Mountain Stage. I’ve been on CNN and NPR’s All Things Considered. But I reached the pinnacle when my song, "Driving in Massachusetts" was played on Car Talk. I’m deeply thankful for the love and support I get from this wonderful listening community. It has always been my goal to succeed into a society of world citizens. I am so thankful for my journey.

A Life's Journey

I first showed up on the map in 1992 when my debut CD, A Road Worth Walking Down, was nominated for two Boston Music Awards. The Boston Herald called it, "the work of a major artist."

Deeper Than The Skin now available

You can get the acclaimed presentation with Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway at

This is a mixed live and studio recording of the stories and songs that are so powerfully presented by these friends of three decades, born three days apart to two completely different narratives. One Black from the North, one White from the South. Theirs is a quintessentially American story.

Between Hello and Goodbye Review in Goldmine

By Lee Zimmerman

Greg Greenway is one of the best folk musicians and singer-songwriters this country currently claims. That isn’t an idle assertion. Across the span of his eight solo albums, three with the trio that refers to itself as Brother Sun, as well as his collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Reggie Harris, he’s never failed to make an emphatic impression. His resilient melodies and compelling compositions sound like they’ve been lingering in the ether forever. “So much has to happen between hello and goodbye,” Greenway sings soulfully at one point, encapsulating the feelings that are so essential to the very foundation of the feelings encompassed in this wonderful new recording, appropriately titled — what else? — Between Hello & Goodbye. It’s an album that places its emphasis on the bonds of the human embrace and the common thoughts and feelings that are at the core of life at a critical time in the world’s evolution. Greenway doesn’t shy away from topics that are of deep concern — the polemics of politics, the resurgence of racism and the distrust and divide that has polarized society — but at the same time, he retains an overt optimism that’s manifest in songs such as “That’s Where the Hope Comes From,” “Saving the Best for Last,” “Love Has Brought Me Here,” “I’ll Call That Love,” and “Build a Bridge.” An album flush with redemption and resilience, Between Hello & Goodbye is, by every measure, an album for the ages.

Sharing is the essence of guitar playing

I’ve done 34 online lessons on C9 tuning through the website In my sessions, I teach interested participants my unique guitar style and inspire them to develop their own.

Learn the Story Behind the Songs

If you’re curious beyond Artist's Notes (on each CD page in the  Music Store) about the backstories of some of my songs, simply reach out to me today.

Photo by Bill Weaver