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Internationally touring Singer/Songwriter • Multi-Instrumentalist • Poet • Teacher • Social Activist

What must be done in the name of love

I am Greg Greenway, a recording artist and touring singer/songwriter on an artistic journey, walking in the footsetps of those who have come before me, but making footprints entirely my own. I believe that is the mission of an artist to hold up a mirror to themselves and to society, and say, I know what you say you are, this is what you truly are.

"But you keep staring back from the mirror, to remind me again of the skin I'm in."
Greg Greenway, The Skin I'm In, from 20,000 Versions of the Sun

"A Musician's Musician"

                              Marilyn Rae Beyers of WFMT's Midnight Special, Chicago, IL

I have played Carnegie Hall and Mountain Stage. I’ve been on CNN and NPR’s All Things Considered. But I reached the pinnacle when my song, "Driving in Massachusetts" was played on Car Talk. I’m deeply thankful for the love and support I get from this wonderful listening community. It has always been my goal to succeed into a society of world citizens. I am so thankful for my journey.

A Life's Journey

I first showed up on the map in 1992 when my debut CD, A Road Worth Walking Down, was nominated for two Boston Music Awards. The Boston Herald called it, "the work of a major artist."

Deeper Than The Skin now available

You can get the acclaimed presentation with Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway at

This is a mixed live and studio recording of the stories and songs that are so powerfully presented by these friends of three decades, born three days apart to two completely different narratives. One Black from the North, one White from the South. Theirs is a quintessentially American story.

Songs from the Beginning Coming Soon!

I’m excited to announce that my newest old CD will be available soon. Songs from the Beginning is almost finished. It's a collection of previously unrecorded songs from my earliest days as a songwriter in Boston. It will include songs that would have been played at Passim, The Nameless Coffeehouse, and Cholmundley's Coffeehouse at Brandeis University. In no particular order:

Let It Roll
Winds of Change
Blood Upon the Snow
Summer Song
Starting All Over Again
It's Not Easy to Love
Best Thing at the Time
Passion Dance
Purple Sky

Sharing is the essence of guitar playing

I’ve done 34 online lessons on C9 tuning through the website In my sessions, I teach interested participants my unique guitar style and inspire them to develop their own.

Learn the Story Behind the Songs

If you’re curious beyond Artist's Notes (on each CD page in the  Music Store) about the backstories of some of my songs, simply reach out to me today.

Photo by Bill Weaver