Songs from the Beginning

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01 Let It Roll

02 Tennessee

03 Passion Dance

04 Summer Song

05 Icarus

06 Winds Of Change

07 Blood Upon the Snow

08 Stars

09 It_s Not Easy to Love

10 Starting All Over Again

11 Best Thing At The Time

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CD Songs from the Beginning

Listening to “Songs from the Beginning” is like uncorking a rare old wine and celebrating a vintage in its prime. What Greg Greenway has done on his new recording is not just revisit songs he wrote 40 years ago, but rather he serves us songs that are fresh and engaging. The beauty of Greg’s voice and lyrics take center stage in a perfect framework for these timeless songs.   “Songs From the Beginning” serves an example of an artist who is a master of his craft.

Ron Olesko, Folk Music Notebook


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