Greg Greenway Live Stream LVII: Thursday Dec. 15, 2022 7:30 PM EST

Live Stream

On Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, I'll be presenting my 57th Live Stream. Since it's around my birthday, I'm going full Sagittarius. I always get a lift from this time of year, it starts with fall and culminates with my birthday (the 13th) and the holidays. I'm just a half a tick better, can't explain…

Greg Greenway Live Stream Concert Thurs., Jan. 5 7:30pm EST

Live Stream

It's going to be a very reassuring live stream on Thursday evening—the first of 2023. I am very happy to be in the universe in my present state. With this perspective, how can we not be glad to be here... and to be able to sing together (even if slightly out of sync). Link:…

Greg Greenway in Concert Sunday Jan. 15, 2023 3pm Plainfield, NJ

Long time friend Arpie Maros has a fabulous house concert setup in Plainfield, NJ. When you go to the eventbrite link to get a reservation, you'll be given directions.  It's a wonderful potluck gathering at 3 PM followed by an intimate live performance. For Tickets and directions:

Live Stream LIX: Don’t Promise Me Thurs. Jan. 26 7:30pm

Live Stream

Thursday evening, at 7:30pm, I'll be fresh out of the studio in Philly and doing a remote Live Stream, Don't Promise Me. This title is from one of the new songs on my upcoming CD, Between Hello & Goodbye. Link to Zoom: Password: Greenway, Meeting number: 895 9761 7879. The recording is going magnificently,…